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The grandiose Taj Mahal

The grandiose Taj Mahal


From Jaipur, we booked the earliest train to Agra, so we could see the Taj Mahal and then take an overnight bus to Varanasi. I would highly recommend taking this express train. It’s fast, nice, and they even serve breakfast! (it takes only 3 hours 30 minutes)

The Taj was totally breathtaking. Even though I was feeling quite sick that day, I appreciated the magnificent architecture and the story behind its construction. Just to think that it was built out of an emperor's love for his favorite house her dead body!.. what a story of love! I’m glad we stopped by and got to admire its splendor in person.


How I took care of myself while having stomach problems:

·      REST! Rest is the most important anytime you’re feeling sick. I laid down as long as I could before and after visiting the Taj. While at the Taj, I took it real slow and stopped to take rest often.

·      Food: I didn’t eat much that day. I ate one banana once I felt up to it, then had some ginger tea and fasted until dinner, when I had plain white rice with a clear vegetable broth.

And low and behold, no more loose stools by the time we had to take our bus! Praise be… because that would’ve been an awful bus ride otherwise.

Mystic City of Pushkar

Mystic City of Pushkar